Welcome toTeam Phoenix

GRADE 6 for school year 2017-2018

Interim grades will be ready for view by Friday, Feb. 23. Home Access and Eschool are still experiencing growing pains as the State updates the system.

Rewards Day - Friday, Feb. 23 - Dress Code: Students are required to be in school uniform, unless attending the following venues.  Ice-skating, Shell We Bounce, or Fun at Sussex Academy.  Appropriate attire such as sweatpants or school gym shorts with a SA gym T-shirt or uniform top will be required.  If you are staying here for Fun, we will be in the pool so don't forget your towel!

February 3,000 Acts of Kindess Campaign -

Students are selecting Acts of Kindness Cards in an effort to complete 3,000 acts of kindness in our middle school for the month of February.

Important information for parents and students is provided in the list at the right.  A short summary of homework assignments is posted daily by date.  There are instructions on how to find out student grades and use Home Access (GRADES - How do I get them?)  Students have used school iPads to practice using this system.

Bird Bills (Phoenix) - Summit Silvers (Everest) - Star Bucks (Fusion) and Saas Cash (Middle School admin):  What are they?  They are the rewards for our incentive program.  Students can earn them in many ways including Honor Roll status, good deeds, collecting recycleable ink cartridges from printers, Box tops as well as other incentives. Students can spend them throughout the year or hold on to them for our annual End of Year Auction of trinkets.

2017-2018 Teachers: click a name to contact by emai               

Math/Team Leader:  Mrs. Cripps           Reading: Mrs. Foley

Writing:   Ms. Lupinetti    Science: Mrs. Maggioli

Social Studies: Mr. Bowe        Entire Team:  Team Phoenix


Gym Rotations: 

If you have Art this marking period then you have gym on Monday every week.

Music > Wednesday;  STEM (Design)> Thursday; and Computers> Friday.

                   To view student grades in all classes, click on Home Access if you need help or reminders, there is a guide in the right hand column or email one of the teachers.

Home Access Center


Science Class Site:  http://saphoenix6science.wikispaces.com/